Is there really such a thing as selling?

Sell…it’s an ugly word isn’t it?

I’d like to argue that if we’re trying to sell things in today’s age, we’re going to fail. I think Seth Godin said it best when he spoke about creating a “Tribe” around your brand and your company. Essentially, you don’t wan’t to “sell” your product or service to people, you want to show them why it’s so good in the first place and get them to believe in it too.

Seth Godin

I remember hearing Blake Mycoskie of TOMs shoes talk and say that the best moment in his life as an entrepreneur was when a girl in an airport was wearing a pair of TOMS and he complemented her on them. It was apparent that she didn’t know he actually owned the company because she then went on to tell him in a very excited way that they weren’t just cool shoes, they were also giving a pair of them away to a child in need whenever a new pair was purchased. tribeThe reason that this was so exciting for Blake was that someone he didn’t know and obviously didn’t know him, was so excited about his product that she was sharing their story with others and encouraging others to buy his shoes and participate in the “TOMS Tribe”.

We shouldn’t be selling our products and services, we should be opening peoples’ eyes to them and we should be showing the world how great they are but we should do so in a way that gets others, complete strangers, to be ambassadors for our companies because they’re the ones that can build trust and inevitably make the sale for us. We just have to give people a good enough product/service to talk about!


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