PR – Public Relations or Process to Retail

What crosses your mind when someone asks you about “PR”?


For me, it used to mean, “writing endless amounts of articles and story ideas to send to an endless number of media outlets, to get a minimal number of actual publications”. Today however, I am using a new strategy and I wanted to share this strategy with you!

Before you start any strategy, you need to know:

  1. What are your key business drivers? In other words, what are the things that absolutely must happen to drive your business forward?
  2. Who is your audience? Who are the people who are imperative in making those business drivers happen?
  3. What is the message you want your business to send out into the world?

Once you’ve figured these out, we’re all ready to get started!

12 Mo Biz Goals

*Keep in mind, you want to maintain a unified message platform.

So what does this mean?

Your business imperatives are like your business drivers; what are the top three things you need to have happen in the next 12 months to be successful (however you may define successful, that one is up to you).

Next, your communication imperative is directly connected to your audience. What do you need to communicate to your audience in order to achieve your business imperative.

Third, your campaign tactics are how you communicate your message to your audience.

Finally, remember to always tie your PR work to sales. Yes we want everyone to know about our company but more so, we want everyone to buy from our company!

Example: Non-Scents Flowers

My business, Non-Scents, needs to get wholesale orders from hospital gift shops, we need to get florists as affiliate partners, and we need to raise awareness about hospital restrictions for flowers. These are our top three business imperatives for the next 12 months. What I need to communicate to the gift shops is that we have an alternative to live flowers that will actually give them larger margins to keep their shops running and supporting the hospitals they’re located in. For florists, we need to communicate that we offer floral arrangements when live flowers aren’t an option and instead of missing out on these orders for ICU, transplant, or oncology units in the hospital, they can still make a commission off the sale through our affiliate program with no extra cost to them. And for the consumers, we need to communicate that live flowers aren’t allowed in ICU, transplant, and oncology. Now that we know our goals, the audience for each goal, and what we want to say, we have to figure out the best way to connect with them. Hospital gift shops are generally run by auxiliaries and the gift shop manager is the only one with decision making authority. They still communicate largely through print and trade shows. For florists, many of them are mom & pop shops and therefore are’t huge on online connections. Print and in-person visits or phone calls are probably going to be our best means of contacting them aside from word of mouth. Finally, the consumer is everywhere but video is the most popular form of sharable content aside from images so that’s where we’ll start. Lastly, if we look at our audience as a whole we find that almost all will be on Facebook, making that a strong platform for us to use.

Hope this is helpful for you! If you want to chat further or if you’re interested in working together, I have started doing freelance marketing and business development so be sure to contact me and we’ll go from there!

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