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Body Talk

Can you read people? Do you know how individuals are going to react based on their expressions and posture? Many times, the ability to read people, or read a room, often comes from a combination of natural intuition and a general knowledge of the various cultures that make up our global landscape. According to Digital Body… Continue reading Body Talk

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Social Media Debate: Worth it, or better left aside?

Today, social media is a platform that none of us can afford to ignore. While it's not going to grow you a magic beanstalk to the golden goose, without social media, you're destined to be left out of the conversation, and forgotten.

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So you want to make a website

  I will not claim to be an expert on website development, search engine optimization, or anything in between. However, I can share with you what I’ve learned from watching, and listening to, other people along the way. Creating a website, or any online presence, can be a big undertaking depending on your IT knowledge.… Continue reading So you want to make a website

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A Resounding “Bottom Line” from Forbes Under 30 Summit

I will be writing a lot about what I learned at the Forbes Under 30 Summit however, here's a start to get you thinking about this new trend called, "authenticity".

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Your Business Plan Hook – The Value Proposition

A follow up from my last blog post about what investors look for in a business plan. There will be a series of posts that break down each section of the business plan outline I provided starting here, with the value proposition.

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What’s In a Business Plan. . .

After a recent meeting with a retiring Venture Capitalist, I walked away with a notebook filled with, "Business Plan", notes and an unimaginable excitement for our next workshop session. The information I'm receiving in invaluable and I couldn't help but share it with you! Don't be shy, comment and ask questions - let's spark some great entrepreneurial conversations!