The Woman Issue

I decided to write about this particular issue after attending an event for women entrepreneurs with the speaker being Melissa from Melissa and Doug Toys. Since I’m not a mother and have no nieces or nephews, I had no idea that Melissa & Doug toys was a 26 year old toy company that provides education toys for children but also encourages them to move around and play instead of sitting still. Figured that one out fast, and, in case you didn’t know of the company, now you do!


Anyways, as she was speaking there were three things that stood out to me where I was thinking in my head, “Are you serious”.

  1. You have to take off your rose colored glasses
  2. As a woman, respect will take longer to come by
  3. Even if your husband says childcare/family life will be split 50/50, you, as a woman, should still expect to carry more of the burden

My response to these:

  1. A good dose of reality is what everyone needs, especially in entrepreneurship, but entrepreneurship also comes with a lot of failure, a lot of disappointment, and a lot of stress so whether your a man or a woman, keep those rose colored glasses on the desk beside you for easy access.
  2. Traditionally speaking respect will be harder to come by but that is why you demand respect and you earn it. If someone, especially an employee, is disrespecting you, confront them about it. No need to be emotional but simply asking “Why” will do a world of difference.
  3. If you and your husband agreed to 50/50, then hold him to his word.


Too many times, women use being a female as a disadvantage….maybe it’s not a conscious choice but I see so many females back down because they don’t think they can accomplish whatever challenge is presented to them. For me, I put myself in situations where I get to ask questions and give advice because once I speak up, people see me as an intelligent entrepreneur and not this blond fashionista or sorority girl type who’s there because she has to be.

Yes, people will think differently of you as a woman until you give them a reason to see you as an equal in business. So speak up ladies, speak up!

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