10 Steps to Blog When You Aren’t Feeling Creative


Come on, throw me a bone here!

Let’s face it, writer’s block is a real thing! Sometimes life gets in the way and at the end of the day, your creativity tank may be running on empty. The following ten steps are meant to help walk you through the blogging process when you’re just not that into it.


10 Easy Steps for Creative Blogging

  1. Read – When you read other articles, news features, and even novels, it’s likely that inspiration will strike when you least expect it. Some of the best blog posts are written about things that interest and excite the writer. Use tools like Feedly to help you easily view the feeds of blogs you follow and hopefully help with that creative spark.
  2. Organize – Make lists, jot down anything that excites or puzzles you, and create your outline.
  3. Images – Leave the writing for later and peruse the web for images that may fit with your post. Since we are predominantly visual learners, an image could inspire you even more than you know.
  4. Bring It In – Once you have your notes, images, and some newfound energy it’s time to put everything together.
  5. Breathe – Take a break and walk away. Use this time to grab a snack, stretch, of fit in a quick workout.
  6. Edit – ALWAYS revise your work. As silly as it feels, read your writing aloud before you finish this step of the process.
  7. Format – Every great post includes content that’s broken up by headings, lists, and images.
  8. Optimize – Check for appropriate keyword use, title tags, meta descriptions, and fully optimized media content. I promise, writing for SEO will pay off in the long run.
  9. Publish – Woohoo, you did it! One more step to go.
  10. Spread the Word – Be sure to share your post so people can read it. Use social media, email, and even text a link to some of your friends. You’ve put the time into it so get the traffic you deserve.

We all have those sluggish days but there’s always a way to trick your brain into thinking the work is actually play.

Happy Blogging!

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