Your Business Plan Hook – The Value Proposition


Your value proposition should [verbally] be under 30-seconds. While this sounds quick, you can actually get a lot across in less than 30-seconds. These are a few points you should either address or communicate, in one way or another, that you have addressed these points:

  • Who is your target market – have you spoken with them?
  • Does this solve a BIG problem, need, or frustration?
  • Description of your product; who it works and why it’s unique
  • If you have any competitive advantages or disadvantages

If you’re going to get into numbers when talking about your market, be sure you numbers are accurate but keep them in a ballpark range. For instance, letting investors know that the industry you’re entering is large enough for them to have a potential of a healthy ROI is good BUT saying that you’re going to reach everyone in that industry is clearly not a realistic statement.hook readers

Fill in the Blank!

“We’re ___________ of ______________ market”

Using this statement will show that the market is large enough for investors to be interested but also shows that you’ve done you’re homework and know where you currently stand.

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