What Makes An Attractive Industry?

Here’s a follow up to my two previous posts:

What’s in a Business Plan

Your Business Plan Hook РThe Value Proposition 

In this post we’ll be talking mostly about how to determine the viability of your industry. . .in other words, is your industry sexy.


  • Profitabilityporters-5-forces
    1. Think in terms of substitutes, new entrants, buyer power, supplier power — these are all things you will need to
      address so be sure to cover all your bases in your business plan, including other players.
  • Large Market
    1. For Venture Capital Firms, you want a minimum of a $1bn industry for them to be interested enough to pursue.
  • Risks/Trends
    1. Figure out what the lifestyle trends, economic risks, demographics, regulations, and technology trends are in the space your entering.
  • Growing
    1. At what rate is this industry growing?

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