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Body Talk

Can you read people? Do you know how individuals are going to react based on their expressions and posture? Many times, the ability to read people, or read a room, often comes from a combination of natural intuition and a general knowledge of the various cultures that make up our global landscape. According to Digital Body… Continue reading Body Talk

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Social Media Debate: Worth it, or better left aside?

Today, social media is a platform that none of us can afford to ignore. While it's not going to grow you a magic beanstalk to the golden goose, without social media, you're destined to be left out of the conversation, and forgotten.

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It’s Not About the Crickets – Ecommerce & SEO Revealed

In the words of Marty, “you can’t win with it but you can certainly lose with it”. What he’s saying here is that you can’t get ahead simply by having great ads and awesome social media channels, but you can fall behind if you don’t have these things.

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The Golden Rule Still Applies

The Golden Rule Still AppliesWhile listening to a new startup pitch their idea for training college students to do social media for small businesses they said something that made total sense to me but for some reason I wasn't doing it:

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you
A.K.A. Treat others the way you want to be treated"

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What Do You Relate To: Wings, Winning, or Dew?

Even if you're not in the world of sports and athletics, I'm sure that you're familiar with the three brands: Red Bull, Gatorade, and Mountain Dew; but which one does it best? Are they all targeting the same people? And how do we determine which one is truly king of communication? Initially, I thought they… Continue reading What Do You Relate To: Wings, Winning, or Dew?

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Traditional Marketing: Dead or Alive

When it comes down to the question of whether or not traditional marketing is dead or alive I'd have to say that it hasn't kicked the bucket yet but it's certainly taken a back seat. Looking at it from a different angle, if all forms of traditional marketing were simply dropped tomorrow, no one would… Continue reading Traditional Marketing: Dead or Alive